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Metar Digital Learning Solutions support managers in improving the performance of their organisations by improving the performance of their people. Metar supports Corporate managers in addressing the growing skills gap that are a challenge for Successful Digital Transformation.

The gap between skills in demand and skills available will be an enormous task for organisations going forward. On top if a  combination of hard skill competencies like programming artificial intelligence algorithms, design thinking, network security, user interface designing, project management etc …, there are also necessary digital age soft skill competencies that are critical as well, including digital leadership, algorithmic thinking, data literacy, critical thinking, among others.

“The demand for easy-to-use, digital learning programs is one of the biggest issues on  the minds of employees and employers today. Platforms that create a TV-like interface  to content, enable reading/watching/listening together and deliver industry leading skills are in high demand around the world”  Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte.

Percipio comes with nearly 700 Channels Containing 35,000 multi-modal learning modules to develop Tech & Dev, Security, Leadership, Business, Digital Transformation skills and compliance training.


With PES, organizations can extend and optimize their existing LMS investments and deliver an on-demand, modern and sophisticated learning experience to employees. Additionally, learning administrators gain the ability to collect and deliver rich user activity data using xAPI enabling downstream rich analysis to closely track and measure the business impact of learning.

Skillsoft Tech & Dev is an award winning Technology and Developer digital learning content that is delivered through our intelligent and immersive learning experience platform called Percipio.

Skillsoft Tech & Dev solution is used by more technology professionals than any other corporate learning company. Every year, Skillsoft solution deliver  26 million hours of technology and development learning content to more than 5 million learners worldwide. Continual learning is an organization’s most important tool in adapting to this unprecedented technology.

Skillsoft has a track of 90% exam certification passing rate.

Skillsoft Aspire learning journeys lifts your tech workforce readiness, performance and ability to adapt to future technology. Based on industry best practices, Skillsoft user data and close collaboration with clients around the world, Skillsoft identified top career paths that tech professionals take to stay current and be prepared for the future. Each journey delivers over 90 hours of courses which include books, business & leadership skills, practice labs, certification prep and assessments.

Covering key career paths Data Science, Machine Learning, AI Developer, Blockchain, Pragmatic Programming ,DevOps, Project Management, Security.

The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is designed to meet the leadership needs of the modern organization. It is a flexible, cost-effective solution designed to help organizations fill their leader pipeline, build capable leaders early in their careers, support leaders through critical transition points, and develop even tenured leaders in emerging digital leadership competencies.

Providing leaders with the ability to access resources (e.gmicrolearning videos, books, audiobooks, and practice modules) at their moment of need helps create a habit of learning and ensures development is practical and applied on the job.

Skillsoft Compliance Solutions provides legal, ethics and workplace safety training through a full suite of customizable compliance training options tailored around each customer’s unique, industry-specific requirements, a global solution delivered  in over 26 languages.