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The data science function has changed radically in the past two decades. Today, data science professionals are in high demand for businesses in every industry sector, to better understand customers and purchasing patterns, drive performance and efficiencies, and to deliver consistent data throughout an enterprise that is on demand, verified, scalable and insightful. Data scientists possess the unique blend of technical ability and domain expertise required to clean, normalize, protect, analyze and deploy data systems. They also have the knowledge to successfully implement machine learning and other disruptive technologies, moving an organization closer  to meaningful AI products and services.

This white paper explores the rise of data science roles, the need for organizations to innovate through machine learning, and effective methods to attract and develop top talent poised to take on these complex roles.

As companies embrace mobile applications, cloud computing, and other high-value innovations, new and larger vulnerabilities have emerged. Now uninformed, careless, or disgruntled employees can create profound security disruptions. While information security is everyone’s  job, it is the IT experts who bear the greatest burden. As hiring skilled security talent becomes more challenging, many organizations are investing in comprehensive training programs to  shore up skills, lower HR costs, and improve the continuity and consistency of their security initiatives. This white paper outlines the many training initiatives that organizations can pursue  to improve security.

The eighth annual Aragon Research Globe™ for Corporate Learning examines 19 major learning providers. Enterprises need to ensure that employees and customers have a great learning experience and are seeking out providers that can deliver knowledge, just-intime learning, and compliance-related training.

Skillsoft continued to expand its learning experience offering, Percipio, and at the same time continued to expand its content offerings. Percipio is a cloud-based, state-of-the-art content delivery and immersive learning experience platform. Percipio was the first to add a learning assistant that it calls Percipio Embedded Learning Synchronized Assistant (ELSA). Percipio offers an intuitive and personalized experience with AI-driven recommendations based on user interests and online behaviors. It supports the hosting of custom content (e.g. AICC, SCORM, various formats) for clients and it can aggregate content from different free/paid sources. Clients can customize the library and the learning paths, give assignments with due dates, and deliver e-learning and compliance from the same platform.

 Skillsoft has continued to expand and enhance what is one of the largest off-the-shelf content libraries and demand for learning content continues to grow. In 2018, Skillsoft added compliance, leadership development, and digital transformation content to its Percipio platform, which now supports multiple languages. The content has been redesigned to be video-based and microlearning to fit into busy schedules. Skillsoft makes it easier for enterprises to streamline learning journeys with its combination of a learning platform and  its growing library of business, leadership, productivity and collaboration, tech+dev, and compliance content.  

BOSTON – June 12, 2019 – Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate learning, today announced that it won five Stevie® Awards in The 17th Annual American Business Awards®. Skillsoft Compliance received a Gold Stevie and the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program received a Silver Stevie in the video awards. Additionally, Skillsoft Aspire and the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program both received Silver Stevie Awards for Corporate Learning/Workforce Development Solution New Product of the Year while Skillsoft Aspire won a People’s Choice Stevie® Awards for Favorite New Products.

Amalgam Insights

The modern workforce is undergoing a rapid transformation in the face of digitalization. Collaboration is the new norm and cross-functional work on product teams is driving organizations like never before. To be successful, technology and developer professionals must maintain broad technical proficiency—a feat that requires continuous adaptability and the learning of new hard skills, behavioral skills and situational awareness.

Read an analysis from Todd Maddox, Learning Scientist and Research Fellow for Amalgam Insights, on Skillsoft’s Technology and Developer portfolio. According to Maddox, Skillsoft’s Technology and Developer Content Portfolio “meets the need for continuous adaptability and effective engagement of the task appropriate learning system in the brain.