We specialize in  innovative corporate learning: an experience LXP with 700 learning channels, continuously updated for upskilling on emerging Technologies, Cybersecurity, Digital Skills & Leadership for innovation & growth. 

Hot Topics

Aspire to emerging technologies

DevOps, Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, Agile, Cyber Security

Data Science

Data Training gives technology professionals the skills and knowledge they need to work with big data, including structured and unstructured

About Metar

Metar is a pioneer, specialized in the field of Digital Corporate Learning since 2005.
We offer innovative digital learning solutions to help leading corporates deliver cost-effective, engaging & impactful learning programs to upskill its workforce and drive performance.
Metar has partnered with Skillsoft, a Global Leader in Digital Learning.

Winner of "Skillsoft EMEA 2019 Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Award"



Intelligent Experience UX Platform - Percipio

Over 700 Learning channels continuously updated

  • Personalized interface accessed from any device
  • Learn in the flow of work with ELSA Assistant
  • Curated channels to close Critical Skill Gaps
  • Deploy & manage easily
  • Open platform, supports proprietary content
  • Integrated with SAP R SuccessFactors & other LMS

"Percipio provides learners with an "innovative" new learning platform" John Bersin Deloite Consulting LLP

Dashboards of program value & ROI

  • Connect training to Business targets
  • Track learning time
  • Monitor Progress
  • Present Impact $ ROI Dashboards