Skillsoft Aspire

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לומדות לשדרוג ידע בכל הטכנולוגיות החדישות, להובלה בעידן הדיגיטלי.

ככל שהטכנולוגיות משתנות, כך גם התפקידים משתנים. לומדות להכשרת עובדי פיתוח ומחשב בכל הטכנולוגיות החדישות. כל המיומנויות הטכנולוגיות החדשות הנדרשות מהתפקיד הנוכחי לתפקיד הבא.   

Upskilling to Security & Emerging Technologies Cyber Security, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, Personalization, DevOps

.Learning journeys designed to move people and their companies forward

Accelerate skill development by building on current knowledge. As our understanding of technology evolves, so do the job roles that utilize those technologies. Stay ahead of the curve with Skillsoft Aspire's prescribed paths from current to future job roles.

1Sequenced InstructionJourneys are organized along a path that orients learners to key work functions and daily learning challenges
2Multimodal Learning ToolsWe provide a diverse set of learning tools including videos, books, audiobooks as well as practice assessments
3Hands on PracticeLabs allow learners to prepare in a safe virtual environment and put new capabilities into practice
4Capstone ProjectsEach learner will undertake a capstone project that applies the newly acquired skills
5CredentialsLearners can promote their achievements with badging
6Relevant Business & Leadership SkillsLearners can go beyond the technical by learning, for Business & leadership skills

Example: Data Analyst to Data Scientist

  • DATA SCIENCEFocus on providing business insights % readying for more
  • DATA OPSFocus on getting Data throughout Orgs
  • DATA WRANGLERFocus on Quality in for Quality out
  • DATA ANALYSTSwimming in disparate federated data sources

Know where to start!

  • Help employees start their learning at the right place
  • Each track covers over 90 hours of course & practice
  •  Diverse topic areas from current to aspirational roles
  • Ensure that potential employees have the right skills
  • Learners demonstrate their newly acquired capabilities. Measured on competency, not on a curve